The City of Kenosha Commission on the Arts (CCOA), the Kenosha County University of Wisconsin-Extension, together with Expose Kenosha, and support from the Kenosha Community Foundation, worked together to catalog local artists and analyze economic impacts of the arts. Over 140 local artists and creatives participated in the online Kenosha Rising survey, gauging their perspectives on the strengths, challenges and opportunities of the arts scene in Kenosha.
This survey data was then combined with IMPLAN economic modeling and National Establishment Time Series (NETS) data. It was determined that the total economic impact of the arts in Kenosha County was 552 jobs, 9.4M labor income, 27.4 total income, $59M in industry stales and 1.2M in State and Local Government Revenues. These findings were shared with the community on November 19 Kenosha Community Foundation Kenosha Rising Event where over 60 people attended.

What’s Next?

With information gathered from the visioning session that night, the CCOA will set their strategic directions for the coming year.
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