Downtown Revitalization & Entrepreneurship

Encouraging downtown revitalization and entrepreneurship activity through a creative collaborative hub

Many communities face the challenge of downtown revitalization, especially those that thrived in the industrial and manufacturing era. Fortunately, Kenosha has experienced energy around downtown development as new businesses have opened from restaurants to live music performance spaces. A creative hub could capitalize on this momentum and utilize many of Kenosha’s strengths, such as higher education institutions, a strong K-12 public school system, available downtown space, and a lower cost of living.
Kenosha is positioned well to establish a creative hub that will serve a dual purpose of revitalizing downtown and increasing entrepreneurial activity. The creative hub will benefit both entrepreneurs and the community.

Some of its possible benefits include:

  • Establishing a central hub where individuals can access entrepreneurial and professional development resources
  • Creating a support network for entrepreneurs in the community
  • Increasing the community’s investment in and connection to downtown

Establishing a creative hub may face the challenge of interfacing with the many players already involved in downtown development. Identifying alignments and creating strong partnerships will be vital to this initiative.
Ambassadors for this objective:

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