Neighborhood Revitalization Through the Arts

Engaging all of Kenosha’s communities in meaningful creative programming and economic development efforts

There is a lot of focus on developing the downtown area with creative activity, but similar initiatives must take place in all neighborhoods to reinvigorate Kenosha as a whole. There have already been successful arts districts established in the Union Park and Uptown/Lincoln Park neighborhoods that can serve as a model for other neighborhoods. Many partners need to be engaged for this initiative to be successful, including artists and arts organizations, schools, city government, local businesses, libraries, neighborhood associations, and community leaders/neighborhood champions.
Some challenges identified to neighborhood revitalization include: disorganized neighborhood organizations; lack of awareness of current neighborhood assets; possible language barriers in certain communities; lack of community identity in some areas; and transiency of new
residents. In order to achieve the outcomes identified in this strategic plan, key leaders in each neighborhood will need to work with local partners to establish programming and events that are significant and representative of the community

Ambassadors for this objective:

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